Our Investments

At Global-Czar Limited, our Investment strategy is to identify viable opportunities from various sectors and then to make investment decisions based on well-informed analysis of our experts. We utilize a detailed selection of criteria in making investment decisions, with the aim of maximizing long-term returns for our stakeholders and partners.

Additionally, our strength lies in sector diversification. We have major investment interests in sectors ranging from oil and gas, stock trading, real-estate, day-care institution, among others.

We regularly extend our interests to include new opportunities. Our current holdings do not limit our investment ambitions. We are constantly looking into going into other areas as the opportunities present themselves.

The following is an overview of our current holdings:

Oil And Gas

Global-Czar Limited seeks significant opportunities in the oil and gas industry, given the huge demands for oil products and very favourable local

Stock Trading

Global-Czar Limtied is of the belief that the financial trading sector is set for a huge expansion.

Real Estate

With an ever increasing national population figures, and most especially, the influx of people into urban areas in Nigeria, the demand for both re

Day-Care Institution

As evident to our community-oriented interests, Global-Czar Limited has setup a day-care institution called Vanessa Cradle that comprises a Creche


Global-Czar Limited envisions viable potentials in the manufacturing industry, given that a strong manufacturing and industrial base plays an impo


Our agricultural holdings consist of collections of rubber plantations, oil palm plantations, and farmsteads.